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The ultimate do’s and don’ts to plan a phenomenal date night

Gone are the days when men used to take the first step and invite ladies over to astounding dates. Take the leap here, lady! Plan a phenomenal date night which he won’t be able to get out of his mind for a few days and won’t forget ever. Yes, there should be music, dance, great food and wine, but also, you should be presentable and look utterly desirable for the man sitting right in front of you in a way that he couldn’t keep his hands off you. Read the following article for some incredible tips to give yourself and your man some time together to deepen your bond. 


  1. Plan something you both will enjoy

Date night does not necessarily mean that you have to wear the hottest dress in your wardrobe, ask your man to rent a tux and head over to a classy restaurant for a dinner date. Date night means spending time together doing stuff which you both enjoy. You could organise a movie marathon at home with his favourite snacks and movies you can take him out for paintball and show him who’s the boss or share intimate massage sessions for a relaxing night with your love.

  1. Work on the decor

This is an integral part of your date planning if your home is going to be your ultimate date destination. Send kids out to your friend’s or cousin’s place for a few hours and get to work. Opt for scented candles (flame or flameless your choice) and keep the decor simple according to the theme of the night. Keep the lighting low for a romantic ambience which will relax and excite him at the same time as soon as he enters the home.

  1. Keep the sexual vibe on top

Even if you are opting for a cuddling movie night, plan for the exciting end way ahead of everything. Get essential aromatic oils to start with a hot and steamy massage session, or you could make him want you even more with a few quirky games. Choose lingerie which is new and exciting for the both of you from Blossom lingerie. The idea is to keep the sex quotient pretty high so choose what works best for your guy.


  1. Don’t stick to your phone

Nothing can be more annoying than coming to date and sticking to your phone all the while. Not only will you waste the precious time you got with your partner, but you will also give him the impression that he is not as important as he used to be initially. Think of activities or topics which you both can discuss while on the date to keep the conversation going.

  1. Don’t try too hard

Since you are planning all the activities, the key here is to stay calm and enjoy the moment. Do not try too hard to be your best with him because he already knows you inside out and loves you for real you. Don’t spend money only because you have to or don’t order pizza just because there has to be something eat. Put in efforts to make him feel special, but not too much.

  1. Do not let anyone ruin it

Send your kids to your friend’s or their friend’s home for the perfect alone night. Keep your evening clear, so no friends are bugging you for a party or dinner. Stay together and away from everyone else for a while to freshen up you love, and bond and explore each other even better.

A few constants like great smelling candles and sexy lingerie from Blossoms lingerie store can alone make any night fun for you, but for a little surprise keep the above tips in mind and plan the best date night till date.

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