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Get Familiar with Bowtie Types and Styles to Look Debonair Effortlessly

Bow-tie wearing dates back to 17th century Croatian mercenaries, who called it Cravat’. They wore it to hold their shirt collars together. The then French upper class known as fashion leaders, adopted it. Overtime cravat evolved into bowties and neckties. These became a crucial accessory of formal full-dress clothing. After the II world war bowties fell out from daily use, but it has still remained a traditional part of formal clothing till, today.

Bowtie has evolved a lot in the recent years and regained its former fame amongst fashionable males. Today, men add bow tie shirt to their attire for different events like workplace, casual or at cocktail parties.

Types of bowties


  • This classic type is also called free-style.
  • It comes untied, you need to tie it
  • The natural form and little unevenness shows charm and eccentricity


  • It is attached to an adjustable neck band
  • It gets worn in seconds
  • Pre-tied bowtie can look rigid and too perfect
  • Best alternative for novice users


  • It is a pre-tied bow including a metal clasp, which hooks directly onto shirt collar
  • Best option for infants and young children

Bowtie shapes

Butterfly or thistle shape

  • Average height is 2.3” and suits majority of face shapes.
  • This style is versatile and suitable for every occasion.
  • Men venturing in bowtie world should own this accessory in their wardrobe.

Big Butterfly

  • Larger with extra relaxed silhouettes.
  • Worn with tuxedo on very formal occasions.

Batwing or slim or straight bowtie

  • It is smallest in height (less than 2”).
  • It is a long rectangular strip with flat-ends.
  • Less formal than butterfly, but gives a modern and clean look.

Diamond Point

  • Edges are pointed, so as to get a diamond shape.
  • These are stylish but rarely seen.

Rounded club

  • The edges are rounded and it is a unique style accessory.

Some valuable Bowtie tips

  • The number one rule you need to abide is wear a shirt but make sure that the collar size is neither too large nor too small, when compared to the bowtie.
  • Bowties look good with cardigans, blazers, v-necks, etc.
  • For the start opt for classical bowtie and then you can play with patterns and colors.
  • Colorful bowties look good with simple batiste shirt.
  • Average neck size for bowtie is 14.5” to 17.5”.
  • Bow tie has to be snug and not tight.

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